Our Services

We have a passion for technology and a belief in its power to make your business work better, your people more productive and your customers more loyal.But technology for the sake of it − without organisational change and process improvement − won’t help you to accelerate your ambitions.To help you better understand the role of technology in your organisation and how to plan for, integrate and manage your Information & Communications Technology (ICT) environment to best fit your business needs, SmartTech offers a full life-cycle of services. We help you plan, procure, implement, integrate, support and manage your environment and related processes on an ongoing basis.

Strategy Consulting

SmartTech Consulting & Professional Services delivers strategy, implementation and integration services, combining extensive experience and comprehensive capabilities. SmartTech helps you leverage emerging technologies mobility, cloud and IT-as-a-service while maximizing the value of your existing mixed-technology environment. We work with you to develop strategies that are founded on our practical implementation experience.

Architecture Consulting

SmartTech focuses on developing the road-maps and solution designs for integrating new technologies and optimizing your current IT environment in line with your broader Information and Communications Technology (ICT) strategy. We have extensive architecture competencies and offerings in areas important to your business, from network communications and data centers to end-user computing, applications, service management, and security.

IT Outsourcing

Today’s high-pressure business world compels your organization to be more agile, improve operational efficiency, reduce cost, and meet its employees’ needs for new applications and technologies more rapidly. SmartTech can help you inject more agility and flexibility into your business model by delivering IT outsourcing services that encompass the network, data center, cloud services, and software services.

Support Services

Given today’s business pace, off-line IT infrastructure causes lost productivity, time, and money, and impairs your competitive advantage. But how do you balance cost versus risk in getting the right mix of in-house versus third-party maintenance, support and monitoring services for IT?

Project Management

SmartTech believes that for any project to progress successfully, professional project management is essential. This includes many activities: scoping and planning, documentation, scheduling, controlling and identification of risks. Because of this SmartTech depends on internationally acknowledged methodology for project management which is based on Project Management Institute (PMI).

Quality Assurance

With increased pressure to meet software delivery dates, decrease costs, and improve software quality, more companies are opting for offshore testing. Research unveils that companies switching to offshore testing realize up to 75% in cost cuts. In addition, companies report decreased risk, improved software quality, and faster testing cycles.