Document Management

document management

As offices and governments generate a huge volume of documents everyday, each document is tied with different processes, documents are created,forwarded, signed, stored, and then look for documents again; and this takes a lot of time and resources. SmartTech has the state-of-the art document management software, it controls the life cycle of documents in an organization. UDMS files documents based on different criteria, regardless of its source or format. This means that both paper and electronic documents such as correspondences, records, emails, CAD files, and more can be stored, shared and managed, simply and securely from a centralized document repository.

Document Storage
Document Management System provides a central repository for storing and organizing all types of documents based on various templates and classification criteria with automatic or user defined numbering schemes. It helps you organize your business documents and files in digital filing cabinets. It provides a unified environment for capturing, storing, accessing, organizing, controlling, retrieving, and archiving any type of unstructured information within an organization.

Document Indexing is the process by which data stored in a document and data about the document itself is captured with the aim of making it searchable. It allows tracking of electronic document and support rapid retrieval. It provides classification through document metadata, or through word indices extracted from a document.

Security & Access Control
Document Management ensures secure document access with centrally managed policy-driven controls. Rights to view, modify, distribute, or print documents are granted based on roles and user groups. Distribution lists can be defined for a document and check-in/check-out  logs can be maintained. The system provides time-stamped audit trails with “what”, “who”, “when”, and “why” information for document access, changes, and comments.

Version Management
The version control, ensures that you always have access to the latest version of a document. It’s easy to see what has changed, who did it, and when the change was made. When documents are checked out, the version in the file cabinet is locked for editing by others and a new version is created when the document is checked in back to the file cabinet.

Find the right documents and information easily and instantly with basic and advanced search capabilities. Search in metadata, full text contents, and keywords to ensure you will find the right information when you need it. It enables users to perform a comprehensive full-text search.