Correspondence Management


Nowadays offices and governments generate vast amount of correspondence that need to be controlled from letters, faxes, memos and other paper-based forms. Imagine how many filing cabinets you would need to store all of these information. Correspondence System manages all internal, incoming, and outgoing correspondences. Each correspondence that is entered in the system can be searched, viewed, classified, and checked for current status throughout its life-cycle. Users can manage correspondences and actions related to it such as cross referencing to facilitate searching and allocating related records, and receive alerts and notifications.  Correspondence Management System is an integrated solution that allows users sending and receiving different types of correspondences and supports variety of branches that carries complex documents such as text, image, audio, video, etc. through an organization in addition all correspondences are saved in a repository.

Tracking Workflows
Office correspondence is crucial to day-to-day operations at any business or government entity. Correspondence System allows users to create an electronic audit of correspondences, and to follow it through its entire workflow life-cycle. Tracking is enabled through automated and manual processes for internal and external communications, as well as providing out-of-the-box workflows to facilitate managing processes and generating reports. Users can monitor the status of all correspondence instances in a single view; There is a graphical monitoring console from which users can drill down to see correspondence instances in a particular status.