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Business Process Management (BPM) is a seamlessly integrated Business Process Management Software solution to manage the complete life-cycle of key business processes. BPM empowers people in an organization to drive process automation and continuous improvement. BPM provides an end-to-end software and services solution to implement BPM software projects quickly and efficiently. The BPM Suite is based on a set of modules, seamlessly integrated to provide a company with the tools to model, automate, manage and optimize their key business processes.

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Rapidly Design Workflow Processes Graphically
The key to agility in BPM is to eliminate the need for custom programming, defining the entire executable process through simple and graphical drag-and-drop assembly. Process Designer is a visual design tool enables automation of complex business processes without programming, featuring flexible component assembly and reuse. Process designers compose flows from a palette of activity templates representing distinct work-step types. BPM Process Designer provides prebuilt activity templates for common content processing tasks and for application integration that invoke services of external business systems or wait for external events.

Build User Forms Graphically
In many BPM tools, creating customized web user interfaces to support interactive tasks involving data and documents requires complex programming, an can be a major cost of BPM solution development. BPM provides Forms Builder, a visual from designer that allows rich web user interfaces to be designed without programming and integrated with the workflow process engine. The design tool links form elements with process data, and at runtime generates the HTML pages automatically.

Business Rules
Business rules go far beyond the workflow routing rules found in most BPM tools. Business rules and business process engineering can be simple (for a single purchase approval) or very complex (to deal with evolving regulatory changes). They ensure proper actions are taken and can invoke: escalation and redirection, notifications and easy access to incorporate line-of-business data in business rules.

Monitor and Track Business Process
BPM allows users can monitor the status of all workflow instances in a single view or they can monitor status of individual workflow instances; There is a graphical monitoring console from which users can drill down to see workflow instances in a particular status.